Video Gaming and Your Kids!

Do you wonder what your kids are playing online or on their gaming consoles? They ask you to buy a popular game, should you? How do you know what to allow them to play? Are they age appropriate, violent or great family fun?

Join me as I interview Gaming Expert Kyle Harris and he tells us the who, the what, the why and the when of video games and your kids. This is a must watch, filled with the information you need to know.

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Celia Kibler
Celia Kibler
Celia Kibler is a pioneer in childhood & family fitness, starting her work in 1987. Her mission is to empower the next generation through empowering parents! Celia is a Mom of 5 grown children; 2 she gave birth to, 3 she gained through marriage and she is a grandmother of 7.
As a Family Empowerment Coach and Consultant, her expertise lies in the Parenting of Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers, including health, wellness, behavior and overall love of life.
Co-founder of Funfit Family Fitness, Celia is an internationally recognized expert in Childhood Obesity, featured on various media including FOX News/NY & DC, CBS Affiliate WUSA/DC, published in articles by the Associated Press, The Washington Post & more. As a Childhood Behavior Expert, Celia also holds Certifications in Nutrition, Lifestyle Weight Management, Sleep Science, Brain Fitness, Personal Training/Kids; Radiant Child Yoga & Laughter Yoga.

Learn more and connect with Celia at celiakibler.com!

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